This page is where you can find the latest NESMC forms and information documents. All of these documents are in PDF format and require you to have the free Adobe reader installed on your PC.


As of 24 April 2017, all applications must be made on our online system.
Request-Related Information and Forms
Electronic Frequency Coordination User Guide23 Nov 04 A helpful guide for the first-time user of the NESMC electronic filing process.
Coordination Timeline05 Jul 13 An explanation of the NESMC coordination process.
Visual Coordination Timeline05 Jul 13 A visual summary of the NESMC coordination process.
Interference Report06 Aug 02 Use this form if you are having an interference problem with a repeater and would like to report it to NESMC. Print out the form and mail it to NESMC director for the appropriate section.
Other Documents
Known 2m Simplex Usage 6 Apr 19 A list of known 2m simplex usage
Mini How-To 05 Jul 13 This brief document answers the question "How do I get coordinated?"
NESMC Bylaws 24 Aug 13 The full NESMC Bylaws as revised and voted 24 Aug 2013
Interference Resolution Procedures 06 Aug 02 Guidance on how to resolve interference problems, and how NESMC participates in the process
NESMC Bandplans
10m - 13cm
01 Feb 15 NESMC Bandplans as of 1 Feb 2015
Coordination Procedure 06 Aug 02 The official procedures that NESMC coordinators follow for coordinating repeaters.
Privacy Policy 03 Mar 08 This document describes how NESMC shares the information you provide to us.